Sound Design

Location sound and Sound Design


Sound Design

Sound Design

“Exiled Out East” 3 Part Web Series 2016

“Pencils Down! Documentary 2014

Director Brian S. Kalata

“Heterosexual Jill” Feature Film

Director Michelle Ehlon 2013

“Ending Up” Short

Director Paige Morrow 2013

“Take Me To The Poorhouse”

Liz Femi Solo Play

Live Theatre Sound Design 2013

“Dogs of God” Short -

Director Kevin Connor 2012

“Echo Three” - Short 2010

“Dr. 420” Short

Director Chuck Parello 2010

“Truth Never Lies” - Feature Film - 2009

“Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns”

They Might Be Giants Feature Documentary - 2002

“Pull Down the Sky” Short 2000

“Kid Quick” Short 2000

“The Night Ferris Bueller Died” Short 2000

"Placebo Effect" LS Productions

Feature Film 1998

"The Prodigy" McDougal Films

Feature Film 1998 (Re-recording Mixer & Dialogue Editing)

"Do You Wanna Dance?"

Ellinas Productions - Feature Film 1997 (Dialogue Editor)

"Rites of Winter" New Yardbird Productions - Feature Film 1996 (Re-recording & Dialogue Editing)

“Dogs of God” 

Location Sound and Sound Design

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Pencils Down! -

Pencils Down! 
Documentary about the 2007 Writer’s Strike
Director Brian S. Kalata
Sound Supervisor Bill Jenkins
Lucky Coffee Productions

Pencils Down!

Exiled Out East - Three Part Series for the Web

Exiled Out East - Full Site and all Three Episodes Click Here