Sound Design

Location sound and Sound Design



Use an FCC Licensed Wireless Operator. Don’t chance your production being shut down. Certain frequencies that can be used for sound on your production are illegal. The FCC requires users of wireless microphones and other wireless equipment to be Licensed. A Licensed Sound Mixer can insure no disturbance to Police, Fire and other Emergency and Safety Services. Therefore make sure whoever you hire as Sound Mixer on your production is a Licensed FCC Wireless Operator.

William Jenkins

FCC License Call Sign WQTA971

Authorized Radio Station Licensee

I can provide complete sound packages for Production. A few Studios in Los Angeles have their own sound departments providing gear, I can work with that also.

Actual equipment varies per Production. This will affect the number of record tracks, wireless mics, audio feeds to camera/video village/SFX and personnel required. To discuss contact me at 323-240-7398 or

A Complete Sound Package provides the following:

•  Multichannel Hard Disc recording 8 tracks and up.

•  6 Wireless Mics

•  3 Boom Mics

•  2 Boom Poles

•  8 Comtek Wireless Units for Director, Script, Producers etc.....

  1. 2 Separate Private Wireless Communication lines for Boom and Utility Sound Personnel

•  2 HD TV Monitors

•  2 Slates

  1. 12 volt Independent power provided by Lithium Batteries and lead acid batteries and with a PSC Distribution Unit.

    Solar available.

•  Sound cart contains all this and a follow cart for Boom/Utility